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Sitting in my office when a close colleague (bff) comes in and asks me to go out that evening to celebrate with a very good friend of ours (read 3 amigos) as her birthday is next week...

I REALLY wanted to celebrate with my friends, but my daughter had a school event that evening. Can I send drinks to them at the bar, or a bottle of wine to their table? I wanted to be there in spirit (no pun intended), but between meetings, driving to the school and calling the restaurant it just wasn't working out. There MUST be an app for this???

Now there is — CLINK!Gift — and it can be used to connect people for all types of celebrations, like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, promotions and personal achievements...

—Barbara Steel (Founder/CEO)

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    Dave Perkins
    Boshen Feng
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    Special thanks to: Thu-Nhi Nguyen
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    Dave Perkins (CFO, gyro)
    Joseph Lozito (Managing Director, Senior Digital Lead at Accenture)
    Christine Pambianchi (SVP, Human Resources Corning, Inc)
    Howard Weller (The Law Firm of Howard Weller)
    Wendy Hutter (Silver Streak)


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